Thursday, March 5, 2009

studio 1423: fresh in the shop

The pieces from this week's sneak peek are now up on Studio 1423. Check them out. Our inspiration was the colors saffron and aqua. We used a mix of died white jade and vintage beads reworked to create a new, modern look. All pieces are made with either sterling silver or 14k gold-filled metal and cost less than $50.

Spring has finally arrived!

PS- Don't forget to comment on our One Week All Chic Soc Chic giveaway - tomorrow the winners will be picked! (And a huge shout out to all that commented already.)


  1. I like your choice to make the bead logo the backdrop for you 1423 line! I think it is very fitting!

  2. Oh, I love them! How beautiful. I just adore any jelwely that has even a touch of turquoise!

  3. @ Kaitlyn: Thanks! I am glad you like our new banner. It looks much better for 1423, I agree.

    @ Blair: Good thing you are a fan of turquoise, we are going to add that color pallet to our next spring Jess LC collection: Astor St!