Wednesday, March 18, 2009

designer swap: pigeon toe cermaics

Every so often I find a designer while hopping along blogs that have some really stand out pieces. Last week I was lucky enough to come across Pigeon Toe Ceramics and knew I had to swap jewels for cups. Lisa, the designer out of Portland, was nice enough to agree to the trade.

This morning I was excited to find a package containing these two tiny cups. How adorable are they? Their petite size (about 2.75"x2.5") is charming but they might best be put to use containing something other than liquid. Any ideas?


  1. how cute! it looks like it was a good trade! also, i love that little retro chicago calendar you've got in the background. it's adorable!

  2. @ Jasmine and Blair, Yep, so cute. I have found they make perfect vessels for afternoon trail mix. And if I ever wanted they are also a 1/4c if I need some impromptu measuring. The calender is an adorable gift I got for Christmas from my friend, Jake. Each month has vintage Chicago posters.