Wednesday, March 25, 2009

off the chain update: pocket full of pendants


It’s funny how things become cool. Then uncool. And years later, cool again. Kind of like those black and neon plastic sunglasses from the 90’s. While I don’t consider Jess LC too old, I have had my first déjà vu design. These Pocket Full of Pendant necklaces now available in the limited edition line, Studio 1423, were first available in 2005 and were one of my most popular styles.

Now the coolness is available on Etsy for just $15 bucks. The necklace comes with a silver plated lobster clasp pendant on a 16″ sterling silver chain and six charms. The idea is that you can customize your necklace with the charms you feel like, switching it up as many times as you like. I recommend wearing 2-4 charms at a time and playing with size and texture. Below are the color options we have available right now. And if these puppies get hot, more combinations will be in the works!










  1. Given that it seems they were early supporters of your business, I'm surprised by your willingness to so publicly mock sorority women, who might be your customers. (or maybe WERE your customers)

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    My previous sentence which talked about women at jewelry shows taking their time to choose the charms that they wanted was in no way intended to be negative. The intent of the statement was to show that the charms are adorable and that it can be a fun project in itself to pour over the charms and select one's very favorites.
    I apologize for any misunderstanding about this and I assure you I have no negative associations with sororities. My mother, aunts, grandparents, and brothers are all affiliated with the greek system. My good friends were in sororities, I worked with sororities via Jess LC and speaking for several years, and I even lived in a house of sorority alums during college.
    So again, I apologize for the confusion and I will work to make my writing clear in the future.

  3. @ Miss Less: I'm glad you like them, the meadow necklace sold last night! We might need some more color pallets for these necklaces...