Monday, March 16, 2009

flea + free decorating ideas

The most compelling tip jar I have seen to date-
"Stimulate My Economy: Change I need"

Good morning! I apologize for the relatively infrequent posts over the past several days. Last Thursday I attempted to move my blog from Blogger to, and though it was successful, I have a lot of graphic and editing work to finish before it's complete. So for the time being I recommend reading the Blogger version as usual.

While I was busy transferring info between blogs at Noble Tree with my amazing web guru friend, Tim, I snapped a few pictures of some awesome decorating ideas in the coffee house. Most items are free, if not easily found at your average flea market or garage sale.

My favorite: vintage chandelier with paper planes attached

Vintage snail mail tacked to the wall collage style (aka: reclaimed wall paper)

Coffee cups strung along a banister

Vintage windowpane with message

A bright pop of color on an otherwise ho-hum fireplace


  1. I love the paper planes in the chandelier! I've never been to Noble Tree, but it looks very cute!

  2. Oh what great ideas! That snail mail wall is really quite beautiful.

  3. @ Kaitlyn: Yep, the planes are adorable. I didn't actually realize what they were for a few minutes. So easy. I think most of them were actually made out of old maps.

    @ Blair: The snail mail was the easiest project, and it makes a great statement. It reminds me of a wall treatment you posted about a few weeks ago, actually!

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