Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dressing charlotte: embellished necklines

Inspired by Blair's post yesterday on Delight by Design, I devoted this week's Dressing Charlotte to accessorizing embellished tops. When wearing a top with an off the shoulder neckline, patterned neckline, or embellishments, let those accents become the focal point for the outfit. Accessories should highlight other areas like the ears or wrist. By sticking to bracelets and earrings, the look is clean and uncluttered.

Below are some jewelry ideas that compliment the style of the tops and create balance.

The delicate weave, buttons, and texture of this gauzy cardigan looks great with
small, delicate earrings. The pearls also pair nicely with the creamy fan appliques.

Since this pattern is bold, a larger earring is great.
I like the mixed metal, which to add some depth.

With the intricate tone-on-tone embroidery, I think it's best to keep
the earrings simple and fresh. Since there is no print to
balance, the scale of the earrings can vary.


  1. oh i love the detailing on that cardigan. the jewelry is also lovely, as always:)

  2. Very good advice on accessorizing when sporting an embellished neckline! I love those circle earrings. Thank you for the blog mention:)

  3. @ anon. chic, The cardigan is a Rebecca Taylor sweater from a sample sale I went to in NYC while I was interning in college. It was a great buy.

    @ Blair, No problem on the blog mention! The post actually inspired me in another way as well... once the concept is complete I will reveal it on the blog!