Thursday, March 26, 2009

moving on up! to WordPress that is.

At long last! The new blog, is open for business. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new layout.

There are.
No words.
To describe my excitement.

Though the switch has not been glitch free (far from it actually, I will elaborate on the switch from Blogger to Word Press tomorrow), the result is definitely worthwhile.

I have a huge design crush on the amazing Brooke, of Oh Brooke, who not only has an adorable blog but also does amazing web design. She took my pre-made Word Press template and turned it into the perfect home for Makeunder My Life. Kind of like a really great makeover by Candice Olsen on Divine Design. Oh yeah, and did I mention she actually has worked on HGTV shows?

So come on over to the new blog.

You're invited!


  1. Like I said before, I am in awe of how brave you are to make the switch.
    Do tell us more!

  2. The site looks great and your jewelry is so pretty!