Friday, March 13, 2009

end of the week exfoliation

(Note: I am working on the new Word Press version of throughout the weekend. So for now, I will be posting on both sites until the WP version is finished. Thanks for your patience! Perfection takes time.)

This week's exfoliation is a silver cuff I found in my jewelry box. I got it back in high school when I worked for a local jeweler selling fine and vintage jewelry. It is nice, but Erwin got me a similar silver cuff with my initials for my birthday last year and I wear so much Jess LC jewelry, that this one hasn't been worn ... ever. Time to pass it on.

Perhaps it might make it's way to Studio 1423.


  1. I do hope it makes it's way to Studio 1423! It's really pretty!

  2. It is good to pass it on or save it.
    I think I might be an indian giver in this case,
    but that's my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.

    love that bowl of copper.
    the cuff shines.

  3. @ Eva: I think it will... stay tuned!

    @ PVE: Thanks, I love the tarnished silver bowl with pennies. It sits on my coffee table.