Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dressing charlotte

Meet Charlotte. She's the newest member of the Jess LC team. She's blonde. She's skinny. She doesn't say much. But boy does she sure look cute wearing my clothes. As a jewelry designer, people often ask me what jewelry I like to personally wear. My hope is to use this new recurring segment, Dressing Charlotte, to answer that question once a week.
Over the past two months my favorite thing to wear is a t-shirt, 3/4 length cardigan, and three of our Jess LC Rush St Long Layering necklaces. The look is polished, simple, and comfortable. And the best part is, for those who don't happen to own three Rush St Layering necklaces (yet), layering similar long necklaces in both gold and silver will achieve a similar look.

Like the look?


  1. LOVE the layered necklace look! So far I don't have any necklaces long enough to do this with...but I have hopes of changing that very soon!

    P.S. I love your silent new 'friend' ;)

  2. I love the look! I wore my layering necklace today and wrapped it around twice along with my new Armitage earrings! I received a lot of compliments today at work!

  3. Oh, love your new friend--how fun! Definitely love these looks.