Wednesday, January 21, 2009

vegan for a day.

My dear friend Kaitlyn and I have been reading Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston and are inspired to try her vegan "cleanse." So basically from Monday the 19th to February 9th we are (trying) to stay away from: meat, dairy, added sugars, gluten (in most wheat products), and alcohol. Yes. I know.

On Sunday to prepare for this little experiment I stocked up on groceries (you would guess I was preparing for siege or a severe hurricane warning) and cooked vegan recipes all day - more on those in posts to come. Needless to say I have been eating better, healthier, and loving it for a full... 48 hours. That is until I went out to eat last night at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. The table looked something like this*:
And of all that was on the table I could only eat this*:
And this* (*photos not from actual meal):
Surprisingly, though I would definitely have preferred a vegetarian approach to the meal, I did end up pretty satisfied and felt great this morning. Tomorrow night out to dinner with the girls should be another interesting vegan adventure.

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  1. Eating out is definitely hard on this cleanse! We need to go to Karyn's Cooked ASAP!