Monday, January 19, 2009

getting a bike was a summer intention. going broke wasn't

So when Erwin (my boyfriend) and I planned our New Year's Intentions (notice Intentions not Resolutions: the latter are too demanding and morally defeating for me if not carried through) and put "get some bikes" on our list, I didn't think much of it. That is until I spotted this Gary Fisher Simple City bike on a blog and fell in love. Now I keep wondering how I can find a way to afford this beautiful piece of art (that happens to moonlight as transportation) for the low price of $969.00.

At first I thought no way. Can't be done. Then an erratic thought popped in my head "well, maybe Jess LC will really hit it big in the next few months and I can afford it by then." At that point I stepped back and took a moment of personal reflection: I just said that if I "hit it big" I could afford to buy a bicycle?


  1. I loove this bike! If only it weren't so expensive! It really would make the cutest bike for riding to and from the farmer's market! (it has the perfect basket)

  2. I agree! I think this bike alone would cause me to actually attend 145% more farmers markets than I do right now. It also makes me consider riding on Chicago streets... but that is a long shot.

  3. I think that is I had such a beautiful bike I would be too afraid to use it! Just think of the horrors the streets of Chicago may do to it!