Saturday, January 31, 2009

end of the week exfoliation: scrapbooking supplies

After taking a quick glance around the studio, I found my object(s) for this week's exfoliation. In college, I had illusions of grandeur as a stationary hobbiest (pretty sure that is not a word but I'll stick with it). Within the span of two weeks I amassed a small treasure trove of stationary supplies. I enjoyed the pastime for a few months, and a handful of people received my handmade notes.

But since that time I have not made any stationary in Chicago. At all. That means I haven't made cards in a year and a half. I have kept the box of supplies around "just in case" I need to make some cards. But c'mon, really? Just in case "I need to" make some cards? How many times have I bought adorable cards at Two Sided down the street? Enough said.

So the next move was finding a worthy (and willing) recipient for this stationary hobbiest's bounty. Initially my dear part-time lady, Gertie, was disinterested in the stash. But once she caught a glimpse of some baby pink heart embossed paper, she was hooked.


  1. and boy am I happy I accepted this gift!

  2. I still have and use my stationary when I need to write a thank you note. Does this mean that now I can't get more :)


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